Change Your Habits

I can meet you no matter where you are in you healthy lifestyle journey. Are you struggling to lose those last 10lbs? Are you in need of a complete lifestyle overhaul? Do you want to learn the secrets to healthy living and feeling more energized and alive?

I have your solution.

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TLS 21 Day Challenge

Lose 5-20lbs with the 21 Day Challenge.  Try a 7 day guided detox or arrange a grocery store tour and pantry makeover to jumpstart your wellness journey.  Learn which nutritional supplements are best for you.  These“day-in-the-life” wellness experiences will set you up for success right away by allowing you to get a taste of what it’s like to lead a healthy lifestyle.

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Corporate Wellness

Create a corporate culture of health, productivity and well-being where you all inspire and motivate one another. Optimize Wellness delivers fun, informative workshops designed specifically for your company. We empower employees to take charge of their health and help companies reduce healthcare costs.

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Why Invest In A Health Coach

Investing in a Health Coach is a smart choice for many reasons, whether you are looking to lose weight, gain energy, or simply learn more about nutrition and wellness. Some of the benefits of hiring someone to support, educate, and motivate you on your journey to wellness may seem obvious, but the deeper value of investing in yourself in this way can be highly rewarding and perhaps even surprising in many other areas of your life. When you invest in your health, you re-invent yourself.

  • We are committed to your complete transformation of health and wellness
  • We Offer Personalized, Effective, and Fun Solutions that Work
  • The Right System, The Right Support & The Right Accountability for You