Mission Statement

Optimize Wellness promotes the maintenance of health and wellness no matter where you are. Whether it’s in the home, in the workplace or in universities, we provide valuable tips and strategies for healthy living, increased productivity, and stress management. 


 What is Optimize Wellness? 


You know how you have been so inspired and motivated to lose weight and transition to a healthy lifestyle, and it hasn’t happened yet? Optimize Wellness is the place where you come to get the help and support that you need to actually achieve your health and wellness goals.

We realize that every individual has specific needs and that we all have different motivations. We have the knowledge and tools to customize a plan that will suit your distinct needs. Optimize Wellness will help to empower you to create new habits that work for you and get you excited about establishing a healthier lifestyle.

This journey requires discipline and consistency to achieve results. We are committed to be there for you and to keep you going until you achieve your goals. We coach you, model good habits, and show you what it takes.

We offer a variety of programs to get you started. Try a 7 day revitalizing detox, a NYC grocery tour or a customizable health coaching program to jumpstart your wellness journey.

There is something for anyone who is curious.


 Our Motto

Eat better. Perform better.

We all have experienced that vitality, energy and confidence that we feel when we start to eat better, even for a little while. You feel fantastic! The body is energized and the mind is clear. Conditions are optimal to create a shift in your lifestyle and you will begin to see amazing things happen for you if you continue on the path.

Optimize Wellness is here to help you stay motivated and focused on your journey to health and wellness. We offer tips that make your process easier, more convenient and practical. Excitement builds as you experience more energy, effortless weight-loss and a full body transformation.

True health is about much more than simply diet and exercise. It requires balancing all the different aspects of life to nourish your mind, body, soul and spirit. Optimize Wellness believes in holistic health – which simply means that many things in life contribute to our health; our lifestyle, environment, sleep, exercise, spirituality, relationships and mentality.