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Cut Cravings With This Super Duper Recipe…seriously

Cut Cravings and Be Super Healthy with This Super Green Smoothie

Do your cravings get the best of you?  Do they ever make you detour from your diets and healthy lifestyle?  Even as a health coach, I still get crazy cravings and I’m always researching and experimenting – with myself – most times giving into […]

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Can’t believe what this MD said

I’m shocked, in a good way, by Dr. Jack Wolfson and his statements in an interesting article. He is a cardiologist from Arizona.  Below are some excerpts from his Natural News article.

“As time passed, I was growing frustrated that despite all the pharmaceuticals and procedures, many patients were feeling worse,” said Dr. Jack Wolfson. “Patients were […]

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My Mission is

My mission is to help 1 million people to become healthier by changing the face of healthcare – into a system that promotes health and well-being, using preventative techniques like food and nutrition and lifestyle – instead of  system that just manages disease.


I believe that you don’t have to grow old and sick. You […]

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Happy Healthy Heart

While it’s important to care about looking good on the outside, it’s also important to know that beauty starts from the inside out, and since it’s February, let’s talk about your heart.

In the spirit of  Heart Health Month and Valentine’s Day, I would love to share with you my #1 tip for a healthy heart and beautiful […]

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Happy New Year!

Each month in 2017 is all about new beginnings.
We are now ready to walk into a wonderful new future.
A future that is bright.  
A future that is fun.  
A future that is filled with an abundance of health, wealth, creativity, and blessings from above.
Let’s embrace the future with open arms.
Wishing you a bright and […]

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I hated Yoga.

Over the summer, I completed a 30 day yoga challenge and it was so amazing!  A couple years ago I tried 90 mins of bikram yoga in 105 degrees heat and I never wanted to do another yoga class. But then my sister encouraged me to try a Vinyasa class, and that led to another […]

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Update Your Health & Beauty Routine for Autumn

Autumn is here.  We’re turning over a new leaf, entering a new season and this is very symbolic of transformation and change.

If you’ve been stuck in a health or beauty rut, now is the time to start fresh and try something new with your look. Read on for 11 ways you can transform your fall […]

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WATER is a Summer Time Must

This newsletter is inspired after a day in the sun at the Roots Music Festival, where I watched this guy PASS OUT, after Will Smith’s surprise performance of his classic Summer Summer Summer Time video!  

So even if this guy was drinking too much alcohol in the sun, he should’ve stayed hydrated with that […]

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The Sauce that Changed my Life

I grew up putting ketchup on my rice.  I couldn’t eat mac and cheese without barbeque sauce.  And whenever I ate a salad, I loved putting the “Italian” dressing or ordering Caesar dressing.  Later on in life, I discovered that these sauces were full of sugar and high fructose corn syrup and unhealthy ingredients. […]

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How Would Life Be Different If….

When I graduated from University, I was so happy because I was finally done with writing papers, text books and studying. 


Fast Forward to now, I never thought I’d be excited to study, read and learn as much as I am now!  Learning, Implementing and Becoming Qualified and Certified in Coaching, Business, Leadership, Health, Nutrition […]

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