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Improve Kissing with this 1 Tool

One of my favorite tools is tongue scraping!

This is a super simple tool you can use to reduce the bacteria in your mouth that negatively impacts your digestion. All you do is use a tongue scraper or spoon, reach to the back of your tongue, and scrape forwardly (gently!). This will remove the white […]

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This warmed my heart

It’s still Heart Health Month – and I just heard something that warmed my heart and I wanted to share with you.  
Life is not about compromise.
Life is not about scarcity.  
It’s about revealing and reveling in your own magnificence.  
It comes from one of my mentors, Stacey Morgenstern, who is a phenomenal coach. 
Does […]

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On Setting Intentions

Two friends are chatting about their diets. The first one says, “I want to be healthy and feel great.” The second one says, “I intend to be healthy and feel great.”

Which one do you think is going to get healthy and feel great? Yep – the one who intends it.

Wanting is simply wishing you […]

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Festive Pumpkin Pie Smoothie

Today, my friend introduced me to this delicious smoothie that tastes like pumpkin pie in a cup.  It’s a a recipe adapted by Kris Carr, Cancer survivor and Best Selling Author of Crazy Sexy Juice.


If you’re searching for a delightful holiday treat, I suggest you try this out.


Festive Fall Pumpkin Pie Spice Smoothie

Yield 2 […]

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5 Things I learned from visiting Brooklyn Farms

Autumn is here…and the weather is undulating between a hot summer day and a freezing cold winter day.  Ahh…there’s beauty in that level of unpredictability and also in the gorgeous changing colors of the trees.

Everytime Autumn arrives, it seems like my New Yorkers love to go apple picking or pumpkin picking.  Well this autumn, […]

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What’s a CSA and Should I give it a try?

Yes Yes Yes!  You should give a CSA like Next Door Organics aka NextDoorganics a try.


Ever since becoming an integrative nutrition health coach, I’ve learned from the best in the world of Nutrition; like Dr. Walter Willett, a Harvard Physician and Nutrition researcher, David Wolfe, a superfood guru and raw foodist for over 30 years […]

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Why Organic Juicing is better

Last week I had the pleasure of sharing the benefits of organic, cold pressed juicing with corporate employees here in NYC.  Did you know that when you make juice from raw vegetables, your body absorbs the nutrients within 15 seconds? Talk about an energy shot!

Juicing provides nutrients, vitamins and raw enzymes that enter the […]

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Quench your Thirst with Green Tea this Summer

There are many health and weight loss benefits  associated with drinking Green Tea.  Not only does it have a little bit of caffeine in it, it can boost your metabolism, is high in anti-oxidants and it may protect against cancer.  Woohoo!

In the hot summer days, it is easy to reach for a soda to help […]

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Why Eating Clean Rocks and Dieting Sucks

Clean Eating vs. Dieting

Talking from experience, I cannot tell you how many diets, and how much money I have spent on pills and programs to lose weight, just to gain it right back on afterward. Time and time again, I was promised this ‘new me’, only to be let down shortly after the diet […]

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Spring Cleaning

Springtime is here!

What comes to mind when we think about Spring?

I know I think of warm sunshine, fresh flower blossoms, new beginnings, growth and renewal.  Even though it does not feel like spring in NYC due to this prolonged winter, it’s just around the corner.


Do you think of spring cleaning?

Spring is a great time […]

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