I’m shocked, in a good way, by Dr. Jack Wolfson and his statements in an interesting article. He is a cardiologist from Arizona.  Below are some excerpts from his Natural News article.

“As time passed, I was growing frustrated that despite all the pharmaceuticals and procedures, many patients were feeling worse,” said Dr. Jack Wolfson. “Patients were discharged from the hospital only to return to the ER shortly because doctors are not healing anyone. The realization hit me that medical doctors were not preventing disease but only attempting to treat symptoms.”

Dr. Jack Wolfson admits he was “brainwashed” for many years, avoiding nutrition and embracing drugs and surgery as the answers to health. He says everything changed when he met the love of his life, a chiropractor named Heather who ultimately changed his perspective on nutrition and the causes of heart problems.

“Since meeting her, I have changed my whole life and medical practice style. I have switched from the sickness paradigm to one of health and wellness,” said Dr. Wolfson. “Most importantly, I opened my mind from the brainwashing of medical training. My explicit goal in treating patients is finding the cause of disease instead of using the band-aid approach. The CAUSE is the CURE.”

I’m so happy to hear that more and more doctors value prevention and promoting wellness instead of only treating symptoms with big pharma drugs and putting a band-aid on it.

I certainly see the need for Medical Doctors in our society.  I also understand that the pendulum in healthcare is swinging.  Not everyone wants to be on medication, right?  And patients want to learn how to be well, prevent illness with food and lifestyle changes, instead of just managing sick-care with pharmaceutical drugs too?

The pendulum is moving from pharmaceutical and drug intervention  and now it’s more about prevention, age management and quality of life. Wouldn’t you agree?

Part of my mission is to change the face of healthcare – from one that is focused on disease care – to a system that is focused on the promotion of health and well-being, using food and nutrition and lifestyle and movement as healing tools.

I need your help to identify any health professionals who also believe in promoting optimal well-being.

Do you know any great medical doctors, chiropractors, orthopedic surgeons, nurses, obstetricians, acupuncturists or physical therapists?  I’d love your recommendations and introduction to them, so that I can spread the mission of promoting health and wellness on a larger scale.