While it’s important to care about looking good on the outside, it’s also important to know that beauty starts from the inside out, and since it’s February, let’s talk about your heart.

In the spirit of  Heart Health Month and Valentine’s Day, I would love to share with you my #1 tip for a healthy heart and beautiful skin.

Pump up that good fat – consume foods rich in omegas. I love adding chia seeds or flax seeds to a smoothie, or salads. I really love Salmon too.  These essential fatty acids are vital for energy and the production of oxygen in your body.  A quality omega III fish oil can also improve heart health and cardiovascular health.


Here are some more foods that promote heart health and beautiful skin:

  1. Sea vegetables – you can buy Maine coast sea vegetables online or at your local health food store.
  2. Avocadoes
  3. Eggs (especially the yolks)
  4. Figs and dates
  5. Maca Powder – add a dash to your smoothie or even a green juice
  6. Soaked and Sprouted Nuts and seeds (especially Brazil Nuts which contain selenium and hemp seeds a good source of EFA’s- essential fatty acids.)
  7. Coconut milk + Coconut oil
  8. Olives
  9. Green Tea or Yerba Mate
  10. Greens galore- adding wheatgrass, spirulina or a healthy dose of blue green algae is a home run.