When I graduated from University, I was so happy because I was finally done with writing papers, text books and studying. 


Fast Forward to now, I never thought I’d be excited to study, read and learn as much as I am now!  Learning, Implementing and Becoming Qualified and Certified in Coaching, Business, Leadership, Health, Nutrition and Wellness Skills is an ever fascinating field and I am proud to be a lifelong student.  


I also believe in the power of investing in oneself.

 What are your dreams and desires?  

Are you doing things to get you closer to them or further away from them every single day?


Anyways, the point of today’s blog is to be very personal and answer questions these 2 questions:

How will your life be different when you achieve your ideal body?

What is the overall vision for your health?


  • I’m so close to my ideal body than I have ever been and it feels amazing.  My life is already different because I no longer have to starve myself to fit into a dress I really want to wear on the weekend to a club or a NYC event.  I’m no longer have to hold my stomach in all day and all night long or feel uncomfortable in my outfits, or struggle with just choosing what to wear.  I just am who I am.  I feel so confident and sexy in my skin and that exudes in my everyday interactions with people.  I’m confident in who I am.  And it’s crazy because they say when you look better, you feel better and it’s so true!!  I walk into the room and own it.  I’m going to be wearing close to nothing for Carnival in a couple of months and I’m soo looking forward to celebrating and living life out loud, not worrying about how I look and being super self conscious.  

I’m not saying this to brag – but I want to encourage and inspire you to take steps towards investing in your health and well-being.   Let’s start a movement, where we uplift one another, encourage healthy eating, healthy exercise, healthy thoughts, healthy actions and healthy affirmations.  All of these things combined, will help you achieve your ideal body and better yet – help you FEEL BETTER!

  • My overall vision for my health is to keep my body strong and healthy and properly fueled.  I want to be forever toned and I want glowing beautiful skin and healthy hair too.  I have temptations and cravings, but overall, I want to be able to control them, even while on the road and on vacation.  I also want to have children at a later age in life and I want no complications. I want a healthy, youthful, disease-fighting body and I want to look great and have endless energy at 50, 60, 70, 80 and beyond.   Cancer killed both my grandparents and It is something that runs in my family, so I want to be able to change the expression of my genes through nutrition and lifestyle, to promote longevity and health.  



They say you never know how good you will feel, until you start actually feeling better.  


When you make the choice to invest in your health, you are automatically investing in and upgrading all areas of your life, i.e. your body, your relationships, your food, your career, your spiritual practice, etc. It’s a courageous and bold step towards developing yourself more fully.


What is one thing you can do for yourself today?

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Here are just a few personal, mostly selfie pictures of me close to my ideal body