autumn-tipsAutumn is here.  We’re turning over a new leaf, entering a new season and this is very symbolic of transformation and change.

If you’ve been stuck in a health or beauty rut, now is the time to start fresh and try something new with your look. Read on for 11 ways you can transform your fall health and beauty routine and look and feel your best through the holidays.

  1. Commit to a skincare regime – cleanse, tone, moisturize every night
  2. Get Restful Sleep – turn off the TV and unwind from social media .  Try essential oils and reading before bed
  3. Take Vitamin C and Antioxidants like OPC-3 to boost your immunity.  You can also try Isotonix Immune Formulation.  I love these vitamins and sell them too.
  4. Eat more Seasonal Rooted Vegetables like carrots and pumpkins along with Seasonal Fruits and Veggies like Apples and Squash
  5. Have your brows shaped by a professional. You can also have them tinted to make them appear filled in. I know someone who does amazing brows!
  6. Trade in your gloss for a matte lips. Bold pink and dark, vampy shades are in this season.
  7. Treat yourself to a salon or DIY hair treatment. After months in the summer sun, your hair needs it!
  8. Pick out a new scent for the season. Fragrance can instantly change your mood.
  9. Find the perfect foundation for your face. A custom blend foundation will not only save your unnecessary stress and time, but will boost your confidence knowing your skin looks flawless.
  10. Book a cleaning and look into professional or at-home teeth whitening for a brighter smile.
  11. Glowing from the inside out is the most beautiful form of natural beauty, so carve some time out of your day and exercise.