Over the summer, I completed a 30 day yoga challenge and it was so amazing!  A couple years ago I tried 90 mins of bikram yoga in 105 degrees heat and I never wanted to do another yoga class. But then my sister encouraged me to try a Vinyasa class, and that led to another and now I love it! I’m hooked.

I used to think Yoga wasn’t a real workout – but trust me – it is. Some of the poses activate muscles I never even knew I had – and the result – is a confident mind and body.  I’m so happy I developed this new habit in life – that I get to practice on the subway and on rooftops and in parks around the city.


Here’s what I discovered about myself and Yoga over the last couple of months:

  • Yoga helps me to stay in communication with my body.  How many times do you get to think about your right outer pinky toe?
  • With a consistent yoga practice, you will definitely tone all the muscles in your body, without even really thinking about it.
  • You will start to appreciate your body’s strength and endurance as you breathe through challenging movements.
  • You appreciate deep breathing and practice it in other areas of life that may be stressful.
  • You get great stretches on the regular.  It’s like massaging your body and getting all the kinks out for free!
  • You become more mindful and connect with yourself.  Warning, this can cause personal growth and development…say what?!
  • Yoga invites you to keep up with your mind, your spirit and your body.


Do you have any styles of yoga that you love to practice?  Any fave yoga teachers you’d like to recommend?  Let me know!


Access a Free Yoga Class:

I followed 30 days of Yoga with Adriene on YouTube and haven’t stopped since Summer!  Adriene is so pleasant and welcoming to all fitness levels and you get a good foundation with her.  You should definitely check her out.  She’s got all sorts of yoga videos or morning routines, detox, confidence, you name it!


In closing, yoga is really about honoring who you truly, honestly are.  It is about having fun as you can see in my pics above where I kept losing balance.  Knowing your limits, and when to be bold, vulnerable or willing to make some serious changes, on the mat or in life, is a major key.  Would you agree?